Chainsaw Man Chapter 140

Chainsaw Man Chapter 140


Chainsaw Man Chapter 140

Chainsaw Man Chapter 140: Sword Man certainly stole the show in the last chapter. Denji was eternally confused at the sight of this new villain. However, the character turned out to be completely different from what was perceived. With Chainsaw Man Chapter 140 in line with a final release date for the week, fans hope to see if there is anything that can transpire in Denji’s love story anytime soon. As of now, the story focuses on Denji and Miri’s conversation about the Church. Here is everything you need to know about the two and how both of them struggled after befriending Makima.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 140: What to expect next?

The last chapter showed that Miri was in fact the Sword Man and that he had turned into a sword hybrid after a set of tragic events. Later on, Miri and Denji happen to meet in school as well. Outside, Miri explains he’s aligned with the weapon hybrid church, offering Denji a high position. Denji’s friends, Fumiko and Makima, challenge this idea. Later in the chapter, Miri asks Denji if this was the right call and if he should join them with delay.

However, Denji loved his freedom a little too much to join the cause. As a result of this, Miri was utterly disappointed. With this, the next chapter will bring up Miri trying to get Denji to join his organization. Now that he has refused the peaceful offer, he might ask him to join it by force. The dynamic between Miri, Denji, and the church will likely evolve, possibly revealing more about the church’s motives and Denji’s role in the hybrid world. It will be interesting to see what the Church‘s role in this storyline shall be.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 140: Release date and where to read

The good news is that there is no break in the release of the next outing. The final release date of the next chapter has already been announced. So, the next chapter is coming out on August 23, 2023. All the chapters of the manga will be available only on the official pages of Viz Media and MangaPlus for free.

We will be sure to update this section once the raw scans and spoilers are out. Till then, keep an eye on Pinkvilla for your daily dose of anime news.


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