Nissan Hyper Adventure EV

Nissan Hyper Adventure EV


Nissan Hyper Adventure EV

Nissan is gearing up for the 2023 Japan Mobility show with an all-new electric concept. Called the Hyper Adventure, this EV Concept is the second of its kind after the Hyper Urban Concept we saw a few weeks back. And as the name suggests, where the latter is focused on urban mobility, this one is aimed at outdoor adventure lifestyle.

Carrying similar proportions and styling, the Hyper Adventure stands out with its outdoor- ready features – the highlight of which is the retractable steps that fold out of the boot and 180-degree swivelling seats in the boot. It also showcases Nissan’s V2X charging technology which can juice up other equipment, appliances or grids using the vehicle’s battery pack. However, the Japanese carmaker hasn’t revealed the technical details of the battery pack in the Hyper Adventure concept.

With a properly futuristic design, there are sharp creases seen on the sheet metal while the aerodynamic influences are also present all over the body. It also carries a rack on the roof for carrying adventure equipment – like a pair of skis. Even the tyres are snow-ready; says Nissan and are backed by Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel-drive hardware.

The cabin pictures reveal an instrument panel which is part of the bottom-most part of the windscreen. Even the dashboard is made up of a wide digital screen and the steering is yoke-shaped with no conventional centre console. The seats have straps in the middle like on one of those camping seats.

Both the Hyper Urban and Hyper Adventure Concepts will be showcased at the Japan Mobility Show from 26 October 2023.


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