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Samsung’s One UI 5 Beta


One UI 5

One UI 5 Beta: Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch beta allows users to transfer their Galaxy Watch to a new phone without resetting the watch. The information was shared on Reddit by a Galaxy Watch owner running the One UI 5 Watch beta, reports Android Authority.

“You can transfer your watch to a new phone without resetting it,” reads a section of the screenshot shared by the Reddit user. The report also said that the Google Account on the new phone and watch must match.

Meanwhile, in February this year, it was reported that the company was working on a Galaxy Watch, which will be equipped with a built-in projector.

The company had filed a smartwatch-related patent that mentioned “a projection display on a side portion of the housing and configured to display information on a display area adjacent to the housing.”

The filing further said that “projection display may display information that is different from the information displayed on the display module.”


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