Wings Flobuds 200 TWS

Wings Flobuds 200 TWS


Wings Flobuds 200 TWS

Wings Flobuds 200 TWS: Wings Lifestyle has launched the new Flobuds 200 TWS earbuds in India. It is available at a launch price of Rs 899, on Flipkart, Amazon, the official website of the brand. The earbuds promise the best in audio coupled with an unique semi-transparent case design.

The semi-transparent case adds a touch of sophistication that makes heads turn. Its 13mm high-fidelity drivers are said to clear beats and notes. With complete touch controls and IPX5 sweat and water resistance technology, these earbuds are claimed to be right for everyday needs.

The product also offers an total playtime of up to 50 hours, including an astonishing 10 hours of earbuds playtime on a single charge. Furthermore, one can say goodbye to muffled calls and interruptions with the Flobuds 200’s Smart ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology.  Whether in a bustling cafe or a busy street, these earbuds make your voice heard loud and clear. The Flobuds 200 also has a special treat for gamers – a dedicated Game Mode with ultra-low latency of up to 40 ms.

Vijay Venkateswaran, Co-Founder, said, “We’re excited to launch the first of our new lifestyle TWS earbuds range and the Flobuds 200’s sleek design and powerful performance are perfect for this kickoff. The product emphasizes our focus on trendy designs keeping the Indian youth segment’s interests in mind while ensuring the features are on par with latest industry trends.”


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