Apple iPhone 14 Biggest Deal

Apple iPhone 14 Biggest Deal on Amazon


Apple iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14:The sales are back on Amazon and for those of you who have been eyeing the iPhone 14 in India, this week is the perfect time to buy and save some money. Amazon is bringing a special deal offer on the iPhone 14 that gives you a chance to buy the model for under Rs 40,000.

The online platform is hosting the Summer Sale from May 4 but its Prime members can avail the special iPhone 14 deal earlier. So, how do you get the iPhone 14 at the discounted price, how much discount will you actually get and what all does it include, here are all the details.

Apple iPhone 14 Special Deal For Buyers: How It Works?

Amazon’s special deal on the iPhone 14 is available for Prime customers, which is Amazon’s membership service. With this offering the iPhone 14 final price comes down to Rs 39,293 for the buyer. Here is the breakdown of the deal for iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 MRP – Rs 79,900

Deal price on Amazon – Rs 66,999

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