BMW CE02 urban electric bike



BMW: Some firms aren’t afraid to experiment and create something unique from simple point-to-point passengers as the world gradually shifts to electric mobility. Consider the brand-new CE 02 electric two-wheeler from BMW Motorrad. With its aesthetic and use case, it embodies oddity in all its weirdness.

The word “eParkourer,” which BMW is using, is unusual and has never been used to describe a two-wheeled vehicle. It’s obvious that the German company is marketing it as a whimsical and enjoyable e-car. The CE 02 is essentially an urban runabout when you consider its simple bodywork, low seat height, and small wheels. The motor and batteries in the middle, the disc wheels, and the golden USD forks up front make up the entire visible mass of the electric bike. The BMW insignia on the front wheel and the e-bike’s triple-tone paint job in shades of blue, black, and grey give it a funky appearance.

The air-cooled, synchronous motor that anchors the CE 02’s steel double-loop frame produces about 15 bhp of maximum power output and 54.91Nm right out of the gate. A pair of lithium-ion batteries with an air cooling capacity of 1.96 kWh provide power for this motor. The CE 02 is solely appropriate for city travel, with a top speed and battery range of 95 kph and 90 km, respectively. It can be charged to 100% with a 1.5kW fast charger in 3.5 hours.

The bike has 14-inch disc wheels and is supported at the front by 37mm inverted telescopic forks, a single-sided aluminum swingarm, and a direct-link monoshock with preload adjustment. The CE 02 should be simple for riders of all ages and builds to handle and maneuver because to its low seat height of 29.5 inches and 132kg weight. A modest 3.5-inch color TFT displays all of the vehicle’s information.
The CE 02 is very expensively priced by BMW Motorrad in the US at USD 7,599 (about Rs. 6.26 lakh). Given that pricing, it won’t be making an entry into the budget-conscious Indian market any time soon.

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