BTS RM solo album release

BTS RM solo album release


BTS RM solo album release

BTS leader RM aka Kim Namjoon has been working on his solo album for quite some time. He has already said that he will be dropping something soon before enlisting in the military to complete his mandatory service.

The rapper has been preparing quite hard for it. He keeps talking about it but just enough to not spoil anything. Namjoon was recently seen in a buzz cut, which he confirmed is not for the military. He added that he first has something in store for the fans.

Recently, he talked about it and said that his project will be dropping soon. But first, we are getting V’s solo album. His turn will be a little later.

RM Talks About His Upcoming Solo Album’s Release

During a recent Weverse LIVE, the Persona singer talked about a lot of things including his album, release, the members, the group, and more. Talking about his album, he said that the release might be soon. He is working on another album. But first, Taehyung’s album (Layover) is being released. “So, my turn will be far next. Not far away but I’m still working,” he said.

For those who don’t know, V is all set for his first-ever solo album Layover dropping on Sept 8. Ahead of that, he already shared two songs and MVs for Love Me Again and Rainy Days. He has a total of 5 songs in his album and will be dropping music videos for all of them.

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Meanwhile, as for RM, his previous release was Indigo. The album came out in December 2022. That was his third solo album. The next one is going to be the fourth. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us all.


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