New Velotric Thunder 1 E-Bike

New Velotric Thunder 1 E-Bike


New Velotric Thunder 1 E-Bike

New Velotric Thunder 1 E-Bike:The flagship Thunder 1 packs built-in GPS and smartphone integration via the Velotric mobile app.

Velotric, a California-based e-bike specialist, has a large selection of electric bicycles in its inventory. These e-bikes are designed primarily for city and light off-road use, and Velotric is popular among both leisure commuters and thrill-seeking explorers. With the introduction of the new Thunder series, the company has set its sights on city commuters. The Thunder comes in two varieties: Thunder 1 and Thunder 1 ST.

The Thunder 1 ST and Thunder 1 e-bikes have a sleek and efficient design, with a torque-sensor-powered pedal assist function that allows for enjoyable and effortless riding. Furthermore, they are reasonably priced, with the Thunder 1 ST and Thunder 1 selling for $1,499 and $1,799, respectively. These e-bikes are very lightweight, weighing just 16 kilograms, and hence have one of the best dollar-to-weight ratios on the market, offering exceptional value for money.

The Thunder 1 features a rear hub-mounted motor with a nominal power of 350 watts and a peak output of 600 watts. A 352 watt-hour battery pack incorporated into the frame powers the motor.The Thunder 1 ST has a range of 50 miles, whereas the Thunder 1 has a range of 70 miles. Although there is no throttle, the five levels of pedal assistance, together with the torque sensor, should deliver a smooth and seamless pedaling experience, so much so that you may forget you’re riding an electric bicycle.

New Velotric Thunder 1 E-Bike, an eight-speed transmission complements the modest yet adequate powerplant. Hydraulic disc brakes and automated LED lighting are also included. The Thunder 1 is a higher-end model with built-in GPS and smartphone connection through the Velotric mobile app. This permits real-time GPS tracking, which is very valuable in the event of theft. The software also allows for fingerprint unlocking, automated rider identification, and connectivity with an extra range extender battery device for 50 percent more range.

Although the New Velotric Thunder 1 E-Bike might lack some advanced technological features, it does include Apple Find My integration, which enables iPhone users to track their e-bike effortlessly. This feature adds to the convenience of using the Thunder 1 ST and makes it an appealing option for those who want the minimalist styling of the Thunder 1, but prefer to save a couple hundred dollars.


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