Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24 new update brings improvements for display, camera and more



  • Samsung Galaxy S24 is getting a new software update this month.
  • This update brings improvements for the display brightness and camera features.
  • It will also add features for live call translation.

Samsung has announced a new software update for the Galaxy S24 series that brings a couple of adjustments to the devices. The new update improves the display brightness, camera experience, and live call translations. Samsung said the new update will start rolling out this month so it should arrive on all Galaxy S24 phones soon.

Samsung Galaxy S24 new update

  • Display:Samsung Samsung Galaxy S24 has added a new ‘Vividness’ toggle under the display settings. This is basically a bar that lets you adjust the vividness of the display so it’s brighter and more vibrant according to your preference.
  • You can find this option under the ‘Advanced settings’ of the display settings menu. With this new feature, Samsung says users will have a “more natural and customizable viewing experience.”
  • Cameras: TheSamsung Galaxy S24 new software update also adds further optimisation to key camera functions. So you’ll find improvements to the device’s zoom functions, Portrait Mode, Nightography, rear camera video shooting capabilities and more.
  • Live call translation: SamsungSamsung Galaxy S24 has also confirmed rolling out features for live call translation on the Galaxy S24 series. It’s yet to reveal the new changes and improvements.

Samsung in its announcement said the new features will start rolling out in February but it didn’t give a specific date. It’s also not clear if these features will be available for older Galaxy models. Samsung has been focusing on the software aspect with the Galaxy S24 series. It started with the new AI features that bring Google Pixel-like Magic Eraser, live call translation, and more.

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Samsung also introduced a new battery protection for the Galaxy S24 series that helps extend the phone’s battery life. It also has a feature that adjusts the charging to your sleep schedule so it helps improve the battery life during this time.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series available on Amazon

  • First spotted by SamMobile, all three phones are available to purchase now. This includes the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra. This isn’t pre-booking like Samsung has been advertising as you can order and purchase it right now on Amazon.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S24 e-commerce platform is even offering one-day delivery depending on the area pin code. So if you’re ordering from Delhi, you can get the Galaxy S24 today itself if you order the device right now.
  • Normal shipping seems to start from this weekend, and the dates will vary depending on the delivery location. Officially, shipping for the Galaxy S24 series is supposed to start on January 31st for those who pre-order the device. Samsung India’s website still has the pre-book option.
  • On Amazon, there’s an instant discount of Rs 5,000 for HDFC Bank credit card holders and no-cost EMI options that you can avail as well.
  • Here’s a look at the prices of the Galaxy S24 series.
  • Samsung Galaxy S24: Samsung’s next flagship smartphone — the Galaxy S24 Ultra is reported to get a titanium frame, just like the iPhone 15 Pro series. According to a report by The Elec, South Korean tech is in favour of using titanium instead of aluminum and is said to be in talks with several Chinese vendors such as Solomo, which will process the titanium frame for Samsung.The company is also said to be looking at users’ opinions on the use of new material to incorporate the same on other models, possibly with the Galaxy S25 series. Samsung has currently shipped over 15 million S23 Ultra units across and is said to produce a similar amount of Galaxy S24 Ultra units.Samsung Galaxy S24 Several reports point towards the fact that the, Galaxy S24 series could launch as early as January 2024.

    The transition from aluminum to titanium definitely comes at a cost, as titanium is a harder and more expensive material. This means, the price of the Galaxy S24 Ultra might go up a bit. HSamsung Galaxy S24owever, unlike the weight reduction that Apple achieved on the iPhone 15 Pro by switching from stainless steel to titanium, Samsung might not be able to do so, as aluminum is lighter than titanium.

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