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Whatsapp may be a little over a decade old, but the social media platform has significantly evolved within the short duration of its existence. within the initial years, it had been more of a messaging app with few features; hence it could not facilitate the sharing of videos and pictures to many people at a go. The WhatsApp status feature allows your contacts to look at the images and videos you post without downloading them. One will need the simplest status-saver app to download status posts

While the mobile app industry is regulated, this has not stopped it from being flooded with legal and illegal apps. as an example, many other WhatsApp apps aren’t legitimate but offer similar services.

Equally, there are many status-saver apps, and it is often difficult to tell the genuine ones from the ones that are not. In most cases, apps that aren’t genuine will not function as intended and might put your device at risk.

Best status-saver app to save Whatsapp status

Whatsapp status videos and pictures that have been posted by your contacts disappear automatically after twenty-four hours. this suggests you will not be able to view them or even share them with your friends if you cannot download them within that duration. Here are the simplest status-saver apps.

1) Status: WA Status Saver

WA Status Saver is the utility you were looking for. With one tool you can download WhatsApp statuses and also recover text messages and send messages to any number without saving.

How to use Status: WA Status Saver App:
* Open WhatsApp and view your friend’s story statuses.
* Back to Status: WA Status Saver, all watched statuses are




2) Status, Sticker Saver by LaZy GeNiOuZ InC

It is a WhatsApp status saver app developed by LaZy GeNiOuZ InC. It is often used by both Android and iOS users to download and save social media statuses. it’s designed to display five distinct status categories, which include normal status, G.B. statuses, business statuses, normal statuses from parallel space, and normal statuses from parallel space lite.

Once you decide on the category that applies to your WhatsApp application, the subsequent step is to download and effortlessly save the status. Furthermore, the app allows users to multi-save, delete, repost/share, and other features. Status Sticker Saver comes with an inbuilt image viewer and video player making it one of the best WhatsApp status saver apps for Android.


3) All Status Saver – Downloader

All Status Savers – Downloader by Binesh Kumar may not be among the most popular WhatsApp status saver, but it is equally effective. It has achieved over five thousand downloads and has a rating of 3+. According to the description, it is a utility app to download and save photo images, GIFs, and videos.

Like most other status-saver apps, you have to watch the desired status/story before you can save it. All Status Saver – Downloader can also allow users to save multiple photo and video stories. Furthermore, it is also possible to view the status offline even beyond 24 hours.



4) All-in-One Status Saver by Android Studio

All in One Status Saver is highly rated and has been downloaded more than one hundred thousand times. The free status saver app is not only applicable to Whatsapp but can also do the same function for an Instagram story and Facebook video. The app was developed by android.

It does not share data with third parties, and the data that is collected is encrypted in transit. Instagram users can make use of the multi-saver to copy hashtags. All in One Status Saver, therefore, makes it easy to get videos and images from other social media platforms to share with your WhatsApp contacts.



5) Status Downloader – Photo Vide by Data Apps Studio

Data Apps Studio’s Status Downloader – Photo Vide is a WhatsApp status saver app with over one million downloads. It has a rating of 3+ and a four-star rating from more than nineteen thousand reviewers. It saves status and stories for free.

The most interesting feature of the app is the ability not only to download but also to make a list of your favorite status. As a result, you can make your status collection for the next status update. Since Status Downloader is a free app, you must cope with ads disrupting your viewing.



6) Video Downloader for Instagram


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