Vivo X90 5G

Vivo X90 5G: 5 reasons to buy


Vivo X90 5G: 5 reasons to buy

Vivo recently launched their flagship duo in India dubbed, the Vivo X90 5G and the Vivo X90 Pro 5G. While I have already given my two cents on the Vivo X90 Pro and why you should consider buying Vivo’s top dog. The standard variant — Vivo X90 makes for an even more interesting case, as it costs Rs 25,000 less than its elder sibling, thus making the deal of getting a new flagship smartphone all the way more worthwhile. But, should you really get the Vivo X90 5G, if you are on the lookout for a new high-end smartphone? Absolutely, yes!

Here are 5 reasons why you can consider purchasing the Vivo X90 5G as your new high-end smartphone if your budget is around Rs 60,000.

Vivo X90 5G: 5 reasons to buy

— The standout feature of the Vivo X90 5G has to be its camera. Granted, you are not getting the 1″ Sony IMX989 sensor as the Vivo X90 Pro, but nevertheless what you get here is a pretty stacked camera setup in the sub-Rs 60,000 price segment. In terms of specifications, there’s a 50MP primary lens with OIS, coupled with a 12MP telephoto and 12MP ultra-wide angle camera. The front is graced by a 32MP selfie snapper. Paired with Vivo’s in-house V2 imaging chip, the end result in photos and videos features natural colour tones with exceptional detail and dynamic range. The Vivo X90 also excels in night mode, outperforming many other phones including the beloved OnePlus 11. Overall, if you are looking for an al season camera phone that can capture stunning photos and videos across various lighting conditions, the Vivo X90 5G is a solid contender.

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— The Vivo X90 5G features the same display as the one found on the Vivo X90 Pro 5G, which is a terrific thing. You see, anyone who’s going to purchase the X90 will feel good that they are not going to miss out on the multimedia prowess of the Vivo X90 Pro, all while saving a good amount of cash. So, at the front, there’s a 6.78″ AMOLED display with a FHD+ resolution, adaptive 120Hz refresh rate, 1B colours, HDR10+ playback support, Vivo’s in-built eye-protection and visual enhancement features and whatnot. And as I just mentioned, the display quality of the Vivo X90 is terrific, to say the least. Brightness-wise, it gets you covered indoors as well as outdoors. Aesthetically, it looks appealing because of the curved sides. And because of the vibrant colours and superb-sounding stereo speakers, watching movies or listening to music on the Vivo X90 is a treat.

— Another major selling point of the Vivo X90 5G is its sleek design, featuring curved glass design both on the front and the rear. Speaking of the rear, there’s a smooth matte texture that has a pleasant in-hand feel and it also does a good job resisting smudges and fingerprints. Additionally, the front and back of the phone have just the right amount of curvature, while the sides, top, and bottom are made of durable aluminum. Overall, I actually prefer the in-hand feel of the Vivo X90 because of the relatively lightweight and balanced weight distribution over the Vivo X90 Pro.

— The Vivo X90 5G and the Vivo X90 Pro 5G are the first phones in India to feature the Dimensity 9200 SoC, which is currently the fastest chip made by MediaTek. So, the phone’s performance is excellent, and while the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 may outperform it in a few benchmark scores and fringe cases, the best part that I found about the Vivo X90 was that I did not find any noticeable throttling, and the phone does not overheat unless pushed to its limits.

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— The Vivo X90 5G features a 4,810mAh battery under the hood, and if you talk about endurance, the phone should have no problem whatsoever lasting a full day on a single charge, if you are a casual user. That said, even if you are a heavy user, and you manage to drain the phone’s battery halfway through the day, in that case also, the bundled 120W fast charger in the box makes sure that the Vivo X90 can charge from 0 to 100 per cent in no time. For perspective, a 0 to 50 per cent charge takes only about 8 minutes, which is insanely fast!

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