Jigarthanda DoubleX vs. Japan

Jigarthanda DoubleX vs. Japan 2023


Jigarthanda DoubleX vs. Japan

Jigarthanda DoubleX vs Japan: One of the major Indian holidays is Diwali, and to keep moviegoers entertained during the big celebration, filmmakers produce new movies. The Tamil films “Jigarthanda DoubleX,” “Japan,” “Raid,” and “Kida” were released in honor of Diwali 2023; the first film played on more screens than the other two. Here is the most recent information on “Jigarthanda DoubleX” and “Japan” box office receipts as of day eight.

‘Jigarthanda’ began with favorable reviews and is doing well. In its second week, it added more screens and shows. The eight-day picture, which is a period action drama with a strong occupancy rate, has made a total of Rs 47 crore. ‘Jigarthanda DoubleX’ has made over Rs 26 crore in Tamil Nadu, and by today (Nov 18), the movie’s total earnings are expected to cross the 50-crore threshold.

However, the Karthi-starring movie “Japan,” which was released with bigger hopes, has received mediocre reviews and has lost theaters due to its inability to reach its box office peak. As of the end of day 8, “Japan” had allegedly made Rs 28 crore worldwide. The movie is anticipated to reach its peak throughout the second weekend. Karthi’s 25th film, “Japan,” directed by Raju Murugan, is a milestone picture that has left fans disappointed as the endearing actor falls short of expectations.




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