RS Electric Kick Scooter

RS Electric Kick Scooter 2023


RS Electric Kick Scooter

With a maximum output of 8,400 watts, the RS can hit a top speed of 68 miles per hour.

RS Electric Kick Scooter: Electric scooters have been growing in popularity all over the world lately. With more and more people commuting aboard these personal mobility devices, it’s no surprise that these e-scooters are getting more and more high-tech. Naturally, as technology advances, so, too, does performance. Case-in-point: the new Inmotion RS electric scooter, a bonkers two-wheeler with a top speed of 68 miles per hour.

Clearly, an e-scooter of this level of performance is not something novice riders ought to mess with. Surely, the RS electric scooter won’t be homologated for road use in most European and Asian countries. Chances are this will also be the case in the U.S., however, this isn’t stopping the Hong Kong-based company from pushing for the development of the wild e-scooter. There’s an ongoing fundraising campaign on Kickstarter as we speak.

Diving right into the tech details of the RS Electric Kick Scooter, well, it’s powered by not one, but two, 2,000-watt electric motors. When combined, they produce a maximum output of 8,400 watts. This translates to a real world top speed of 68 miles per hour, and the ability to rocket from zero to 30 miles per hour in about three seconds. On top of that, the e-scooter can tackle gradients of up to fifty percent.

As for battery tech, the Inmotion RS Electric Kick Scooter is equipped with a powerful 72-volt, 40-ampere-hour battery pack with 21700 cells. As such, it’s capable of providing anywhere from 75 to 100 miles of range, depending on your riding style. Keeping tabs of the performance-oriented powertrain is a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) with dual-charging capability that regulates power delivery and ensures optimum temperature control for maximum reliability.

At present, limited early bird offers for the Inmotion RS Electric Kick Scooter are offered for $3,499 USD. Assuming the funding campaign goes smoothly, and there aren’t any hitches when it comes to producing the powerful electric scooter, Inmotion hopes to begin deliveries by July, 2023.


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